“You’ve had a bad day…”

You know that feeling when you are just broken?? It comes on those days from “hell”. From the second you wake up, your day is just bad.

You wake up late. The milk is sour or you are out of bread. Your child refuses to wear pants and colors on the wall. You run into a slow moving train on your way to work. Your boss is in a “mood” and your work day just sucks. You get home tired and your kid insists on going to the park and throws a fit when you say ‘no’. Your cell phone dies or your wifi isn’t working. After the longest day possible, you are simply exhausted and pray that your day is over soon so you can get a fresh start tomorrow.

I imagine this is how Jonah felt during his frustration with the Lord. Even through Jonah’s “pouting”, the Lord insists that he should not be angry. “Have you reason to be angry?” (Jonah 4:4). Now I ask you to stop. Stop pouting about your bad day. Remember the plant that the Lord gave Jonah and how easily it was taken away?

That alarm you snoozed – how lucky are you to have a reminder to get up? That bad milk or missing bread- how many people do not have that luxury to waste milk or use up bread? That train holding you up – what if we didn’t have those goods or resources that train was carrying? I’m sure people in 3rd world countries dream of having an easier living that those things provide. That independent, artistic child was given to you by the almighty Lord to love and cherish; a blessing that so many couples yearn for. That boring, annoying job is one a homeless or unemployed person would love to have so they don’t have to question where their next meal will come from. That playful child just wants to do something fun with you since he hasn’t seen you all day. That cell phone or wifi problem could be seen as a blessing. Use that time away from Facebook or Pinterest to take that special child to the park. And lastly, don’t forget that warm bed and soft pillow that you will get to rest on as some people don’t even have a shelter for protection from nature, let alone a soft pillow or blanket.

All of these luxuries are easily taken for granted. Trust me, I know because I do it everyday.  That is why I enjoyed this week’s Lent challenge from #SheReadsTruth. It helped me stop and consider my “bad day”.

God can easily take away these luxuries from us. But friends, I think these bad days are God’s way of giving us an eye opener. He is trying to get us to remember our blessings. Not everything in life is easy or makes sense but with faith we can persevere. Just as Jonah had a bad day in that desert, we will have bad days. But ask yourself this, “have you reason to be angry?” After all, you have another day to show God your worth and enjoy his gracious blessings.

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday! Be sure to check out the other reflections from my fellow #SheReadsTruth readers here!

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3 thoughts on ““You’ve had a bad day…”

  1. Kelly says:

    What a fantastic reflection! Today was one of those days when I simply opened my eyes and already felt like I was in a mood before I even got out of bed. I love how you said that sometimes we are given bad days in order to remember our blessings. So true! I needed this today. Thank you!

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