What is a father?

I never really thought about what my husband would be like as a father. Well, at least not until we learned he would become one. I had my father and he had his but I never really thought about HIM being a parent. I guess that’s because I didn’t need think about it much; he’s naturally great at it.

A father is so many things, wrapped into one body. A father is a support system. He helps provide for the family, the children, etc. A father is strong; not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. A father is a teacher; whether it’s reading, tying shoes, fishing, etc. A father is a role model; to help guide children to a positive path in life. A father is a friend; to talk, to listen and to love.

I know that not all father’s possess these qualities. I also know that some father’s aren’t a live anymore or where never around. Some people even have loved ones in their lives that aren’t a father but have these traits. I got lucky.. I have a wonderful husband and father to my babies who is all of these things.

Caleb is honestly one-of-a-kind. He’s caring, passionate, funny, patient and a great provider for our family. Sure, our house has its share of troubles and challenges. Just yesterday, we both spent the majority of the day scolding our daughter who is two (going on twenty). There are nights when everyone is tired and cranky. There are times when I’m sure he walks in the door to the house and literally wants to go back out screaming – and I wouldn’t blame him. However, he doesn’t. He loves our messy, crazy, loud, stressful and uncertain life. He takes things in stride and he does his best to make sure we are all happy, safe and taken care of.

Lately, he’s had to “wear more hats” than he signed on for. Those wedding vows – especially the part “in sickness and health” – are more than just words, they really matter. I don’t think people ever really plan to deal with a sick family member, especially as young as we are. Caleb has never faltered. He has taken on and carried such a heavy burden to help me and the kids. He picks up my slack on my bad days. He cooks, cleans, does laundry, cleans up after kids, mows the yard, gardens, etc. Whatever we need, he’s there. Not only that, but he helps coach our son’s sports teams. He’s even helped out on the baseball team when baseball isn’t his sport. He knows how to fix the perfect “dad pony” for little princess. Yesterday, we went fishing and he spent most of his time untangling lines, putting worms on hooks and taking fish off poles. I honestly don’t think his line hit the water more than a handful of times. I never heard him complain. That’s him – he’s not a complainer. I’m so impressed with how well he handles everything – work, me, doctors, home, sports, kids, friends, everything.

I may have never really thought about how great of a dad he would have been before, but I never thought we would be so lucky to call him “ours”. He’s the greatest man I’ll ever know and I hope he has a perfect Father’s Day as I know he has sure earned it.
I know he’s learned some of these traits from his own father and I’m so thankful for that as well!

As for my own Father – he’s a great man as well. He would do anything for anyone – literally anything. He is always there to make sure that his kids are okay. I come from a split home so our relationship has seen its fair share of strains and complications but overall, I know he will always be there if I need him. Plus, as they say “great fathers get promoted to grandpa” and that is so true. My kids are so very loved by him.
There’s a couple other men who deserve an honorable mention as they watch over us from above. Grandpa Kenny – my husband’s grandfather was truly a character. He was loud, boisterous and honest. Most of all, he was unforgettable. I’ll always remember his laugh, his silly (and often inappropriate) jokes and his lack of spelling skills. I don’t think there was ever a person (besides us) that was so excited to meet our first child.

Gramps – my grandfather – was a legend. I had the privilege of living with him for a few years after my grandmother passed. I miss hearing his war stories, baseball tales and those too detailed recaps of hunting trips. I watched him suffer through Alzheimer’s and I’m so happy he is in a place where he is no longer confused and he gets to watch his Cardinals anytime he wants. I know he’d sure be proud of how well his great-grandson is doing on the ball field!

I could go on and on about the wonderful fathers that have been in my life but I won’t. Instead, I better go make the man of my dreams a tasty breakfast to enjoy with our sweet babes. I hope all the Father’s have a wonderful day!
What’s your favorite dad story??

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  1. Theresa says:

    Beautiful tribute to all the fathers in your life. Keep up the good work you are doing and hope you get to feeling better

    Love to all
    Great and great great aunty

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