Wellness Wednesday – YL Stress Away

Wellness Wednesday – YL Stress Away Oil

Over the last two years, I have accumulated a lot of Young Living oils and I love creating my own blends. However, there’s a few oil blends that I love DEARLY and always have on hand. One of those is Stress Away.


Stress Away not only has (obvious) stress relieving properties, but it smells amazing. Sometimes, oils are very strong and a lot of blends have similar oils so they smell kind of the same. However, Stress Away has a light and sweet scent. To be honest, we think it smells like Fruity Pebbles or something. Regardless, we love it!

It is my all time favorite oil to diffuse. Not kidding, I always have at least one diffuser with a bottle of this oil nearby.

Another great use: the bathtub! A few drops with some Epsom salt in your bath water creates a very relaxing and soothing bath.

It’s also great as a roll-on. I bought some of these handy little roll-on bottles and keep one near my bed and in my purse. A quick roll on the wrists, neck or temple does the trick!

stress away YL

If you were to ask me what is one of my top 5 oils to recommend, this oil would definitely make the list – by smell alone (not to mention how relaxing it is!).  It also comes in the Everyday Oils Collection which features 10 great oils – great for essential oil beginners!

If you want to order, click here! And as always, feel free to ask me whatever you’d like about any of the Young Living oils and I’ll do my best to help you out!

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