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When starting something new, that first step is usually the hardest. I never thought I’d be writing this post and what’s even more surprising is how passionate I am about it.

I’ve shared a few posts on essential oils lately and here’s why… we love them! There are so many companies out there claiming to be the best, have the best products, best practices, best money making opportunities… I typically avoid paying any attention to these claims and it’s usually a turn-off. I was leery to try Young Living oils… one because I didn’t know much about them and I don’t really like feeling ‘obligated’ to sell something and two, I thought the idea was a little weird.

It was that initial step to taking the ‘essential oil’ leap that was the hardest. Granted, that step was initiated by the recommendation of one of my doctors, but still…. I had to spend the money. However, once I ordered my starter kit – I began to do a lot of research. I learned so much about essential oils and Young Living as a company.

First off – there’s no pressure to sell. This was my biggest resistance. I did NOT want to feel pushy to sell to others. Then I learned, I didn’t have to. I could sign up as a distributor, take advantage of the 24% discount, earn rewards for free products and leave everyone else alone. By all means, you can sell and it can be profitable if you really put your mind to it.

Second – there’s no minimum order each month. You can order as little or as often as you’d like. If you do want to order more often, you can sign up for Essential Rewards which gives you a generous % back in points to use on products. To be eligible, you need an order of 50PV each month. It’s really not much and let’s you get just a few great products a month to build up your collection.

Finally – the products are of great quality and there is a HUGE variety! I’ve tried a few different brands of oils and still ended up staying with Young Living. In fact, I still have those other brands of oils, unused. I’ve been using YL for almost 2 years and there are still SO many oils and blends I have yet to try. Another thing about essential oils is that a little goes a long way. The oils are long-lasting and can used in a variety of ways: topically, by diffusing or even ingesting. There’s something to help with just about everything: digestive distress, anxiety, skin care, household cleaning, food preparation, kids, pets, babies, etc.

So you may be wondering – why do I keep telling you about these oils? Honestly, if you join my team I have the potential to make money. There’s no question about that – it’s similar to any other direct sell type of company. However, I am not as concerned with that as I am with sharing the oils with you. There’s such a huge reliance on over-the-counter meds, prescription meds, big healthcare items, etc. I myself spent many years and dollars on these items with no results. I have family who continue to do the same. It’s sad and unfortunate that so many people have to deal with health issues and the negative effects of medications that are used to ‘treat’ those disorders. I found that while there essential oils can not be used to treat or cure any conditions, they can be very useful and beneficial. THAT is why I share it. Some people say that I’m a “hippie” or “crunchy” (whatever that means) but I’ve just had my eyes opened the hard way. I look for every possible, alternative and natural approach to simple healthcare and body care that I can find – not only for myself but for my family.

If you’ve ever been looking for an excuse to try essential oils or need a little kickstart: February is a great month to do it. Young Living is offering 10% of select Premium Starter Kits during the entire month. These kits are great. They feature several full size oils and blends, samples, product information AND a diffuser of choice. Here’s a graphic from the wonderful group I’m apart of that explains it a little more:

essential kit ob1 feb16

You can get a starter kit with diffuser for as little as $144 plus shipping and tax WITHOUT any commitments to sell, monthly requirements, etc. You get a HUGE variety of some of the best oils available to use. This kit lasted me almost an entire year as I was learning and getting used to the idea of the oils. Now, I have a wide collection and have started transitioning oil based products into every aspect of our home. Click here to get started or learn more.

If you are concerned about what these oils and blends are used for, here’s a graphic from a fellow blogger, Family Fresh Meals, that is SO helpful!

Essential Kit1

My favorite oils in the kit are Thieves (for immune support), DiGize (for digestive support), Lavender (for kids, bedtime and stress relief) and Joy (for emotional support and mood boosting). Honestly, I love them all though.

I hope this post helps clarify, ease some doubt or just informs you a little more on Young Living essential oils. Again, you can get 10% off if you order your sign-up kit as a distributor in the month of February. Send me an email at lphjkitchen@gmail.com if you have any questions or comments. I’m happy to help in this journey with you if I can. ALSO – for anyone who joins my team (at any time!), I’m offering a free gift to help you with your new oils. Again, I’m not here to make big bucks – my purpose is to help you live a little healthier, whether it’s with recipes, meal plans, tips or using great, quality products.

Stay happy & healthy… naturally!

PS: Want to host an information session with product samples?? Ask me for details! There are online options or in home options for locals!

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  1. Jess says:

    I love essential oils! It wasn’t until I tried Young Living Peppermint, after 4 days of my head pounding, with no help from my regular relief that I knew I needed to make a change and Oils worked! Thank you for sharing!!

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