Wellness Wednesday – YL Deep Relief Roll-on

Wellness Wednesday – Deep Relief Roll-On & R.C.

There’s a lot of truth that goes with the claim of an “invisible illness”. I have multiple autoimmune disorders. Just by looking at me, you can’t tell. My close friends and family have a decent understanding of my problems but no one can really ‘know’ but me. Hence the name, autoimmune diseases affect the immune system as well as other areas. What that means for me is a typical winter quarantine. I’ll be honest, I’ve been a little lax with it this winter as I’ve been feeling decent. However, I’m still constantly boosting my immune system with foods, supplements, medications and my Young Living oils.

Unfortunately, I am pretty ‘under the weather’ as I type this. I’ve been bragging to people lately that we’ve stayed healthy this winter. I jinxed it. I caught a nasty bug going around that has lead to a sinus infection. One other problem with my condition is that I don’t respond well to medication – plus, the side effects usually aren’t worth taking antibiotics, etc. I┬áhave severe gut issues – it’s a complicated scenario but long-story-short, I have to weigh the pros of getting medication to get over any illness vs. the cons of side effects and damaging what little progress I’ve made lately. SOOO…. I really didn’t want to get any medications for this annoying sinus issue.

I started doing some research in my essential oil book (aka oil bible). In my starter kit, I received an oil – R.C. that I have rarely used. It’s typically used for respiratory care, pre & post workout, relaxing, etc. It is a blend that features spruce, Cyprus and Eucalyptus oils. I also found that if you combine R.C. with Thieves blend, Frankincense and Lavender, you can get a great blend to clear nasal passages. I shouldn’t be surprised but it worked wonders!!! I put two drops of each oil in a bowl of very hot water. I put my face over the bowl and covered with a towel to inhale the steam from the hot, oily, water. I instantly felt relief – similar to a vapor rub. RC

When I get these sinus issues, I often myself having a hard time sleeping – due to inability to breathe out of my nose, sore throat, nausea, etc. I originally got the Deep Relief Roll-On for my husband when he got a little stuffy around Christmas. He LOVED it and uses it every night. I decided to use it before bed – a simple dot under my nose, a roll onto my wrists and chest. AMAZING. I actually slept better than I expected. Deep Relief is also great for muscle or joint soothing, stress relief, anti-inflammatory, etc.

Deep Relief

Another reason why I’m sold on Young Living oils! What’s your experience with essential oils?? Let me know below! If you are interested in learning more about Young Living oils, shoot me an email at lphjkitchen@gmail.com!

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  1. Jess says:

    I love my Young Living Oils as well! RC and Eucalyptus Globulus are a staple when my lung infection flairs up! I used to take steroids but it has been two years without any steroids! My doctor told me I would have to be on steroids the remainder of my life and probably oxygen by the time I was 55. I’m not sure who will be right, but so far, he is wrong! So glad you are finding some relief! Feel better soon!

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