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Welcome to the first “Wellness Wednesday” post of the new year! I love sharing recipes with you but there’s more to living a healthier life than just food. There’s fitness and exercise, healthy homes, finances, travel, etc. I want to expand things a little and share with you some other resources that help promote overall wellness. If you ever run across something you want to share – let me know! I’ll feature it so others can know about it as well!

If you are signed up for my emails or follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., you’ll know that I love essential oils. I started using Young Living almost two years ago as a recommendation from my doctor to help heal my body from autoimmune diseases naturally. I’m so thankful I took that (odd) leap!

I started with Thieves – today’s Wellness Wednesday product. I have a HORRIBLE immune system – as a result from those autoimmune issues. Young Living has a great blend called Thieves.

Thieves has SO many uses. It is made of a blend of clove, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus and rosemary oils that help promote overall wellness. It can be used to make natural cleaning solutions for every room in the house – laundry, bathroom, kitchen, bedding, etc. It can also be used in body products such as toothpaste, hand soaps, lotions, etc. Young Living also makes their own line of Thieves inspired products – household cleaners, dental floss, fruit/veggie spray, etc.

everyday-oils-thieves-clean-safely (1)

So how do I use it? On a daily basis for starters. I always keep some by my bed and diffuse it every evening – especially during cold/flu season. In addition, I made a simple coconut oil body/hand butter using a few drops of Thieves oil, coconut oil and shea butter. I also snagged a few Young Living Thieves Lozenges for sore throats and coughs. I can also attest that the household cleaner is great! It actually does clean without the nasty chemical smells. Plus, I can make my own cleaner using a simple combination of Thieves oil, vinegar and water.


Thieves is what got me started on my Young Living journey and it’s still one I use EVERY DAY!

Here’s a great link to learn more about Thieves oil uses from Savory Lotus: 8 Ways to Use Thieves Oil

If you want to learn more about Young Living oils – click here or shoot me an email at lphjkitchen@gmail.com!

Stay happy, healthy and WELL!

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