Wellness Wednesday – Mother Dirt Products

Here’s a new installment of Wellness Wednesday – where I share with you something related to health, fitness, skin care or overall well-being!

This week, I’m talking about Mother Dirt Products.


Okay, I know what you are thinking…. skincare products with the word ‘dirt’ in the name. ?!?! I get it…. I thought the same….

I’ve tried a number of ‘natural’ skin & hair care products, most of which resulted in disappointment or wasted money. I actually had the opportunity to try Mother Dirt and was excited about it! Here’s the basics:

*Mother Dirt products emphasize the use of ‘GOOD’ bacteria to improve the skin. How? The products feature AOBs (Ammonia-Oxidizing-Bacteria) or good bacteria that feed off of the ammonia produced by our skin cells. Instead of stripping the skin and hair of everything like most products do, Mother Dirt’s products help restore some of the lost bacteria which could lead to improved skin and hair. Read more about the science behind it here.

Does it work? Okay, after using the products for about 30 days, I think I have valid results to share. I tested out the Mother Dirt Bundle which included the AO+ mist, Shampoo and Cleanser.

1.) I didn’t notice a huge difference at first. I was seriously afraid the products would make my hair and face feel ‘off’ … kind of gummy, or heavy residue, etc. It didn’t. I didn’t notice much for a couple weeks.

2.) I planned on still using my conditioners and other products. HOWEVER, I wanted to make sure I was getting the full experience so I didn’t. YES, I still used moisturizers on occasion. YES, I still wore makeup some days. YES, I still used hair styling products. One of the claims of the products is that you might get to a point where you feel like you don’t ‘need’ conditioner. I can vouch for that. I MUST have soft hair….. not slimy, greasy…. just soft and frizz-free. If I don’t have conditioner, I’ll apply a SMALL bit of coconut oil to make sure my hair is soft and moisturized. My favorite part of the shampoo was that it made my hair clean feeling but didn’t make it feel dry or brittle. It still felt soft and easy to manage. This was probably the biggest surprise for me.

3.) I thought it irritate my face but it did NOT at all. In fact, I really loved it. The AO+ mist was very refreshing in the mornings and evenings. I also loved the foam wash and used it on my face and neck every evening. Often times, I find that facial products seriously dry out my sensitive skin. However, this was very light, didn’t weigh down my skin and was fragrance-free. I really loved this part of the set.

4.) I was completely amazed at how much I liked the products. The ingredients are simple, natural and good for your skin. Unlike traditional ‘ natural’ products, these very closely resembled the results I desire out of my hair/skin care products.

OVERALL – I would recommend these products… especially if you are really watching and are concerned about what you are putting in your body through food AND through beauty/body products. I would also recommend checking out the sets and bundles they have available to get the full benefits. Check out their products here.


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