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I know technically Christmas is tomorrow BUT I’m sending you wishes early. Tomorrow, you won’t find a new post from me. You won’t find a new recipe from me. You won’t find tips, tricks, menus or product reviews. Tomorrow, I’ll be celebrating my favorite day of the year with my favorite people. And I hope you are able to do the same!

Christmas is one of those holidays that have so much meaning to everyone – in their own way. I’ve never been one for presents. One – I hate surprises and always know what I’m getting (for the most part). Two – I don’t need anything. Honestly, I have way more than I could possibly ever need. And at the moment, I don’t have the room for anything new in the RV 😉 But seriously, Christmas to me is so much more.


Christmas is love. Love shown between family, friends and others. It may be the simplest gesture – like a sweet note on a gift tag, or bringing that favorite dish for dinner, or wearing the scarf that was gifted last year. Whatever. It’s the little things that I remember about the holidays that I enjoy the most.

My absolute favorite part of Christmas is Midnight Mass – or Christmas Vigil. That is always something we’ve done as a family – go to Mass on Christmas Eve. We all dress our best and head to the packed church to give praise and thanks to our Lord. It is so great seeing all of the people who are visiting family for the holiday. It’s nice to see the church full of people… even if the kids are tired and crying. I love everything about it… the readings.. the reflection.. all of it.

After Mass, we take a drive through town to look at all the Christmas lights. We’ve done this with my mom and dad for as along as I can remember – so naturally, I take my own children now. Once we’ve seen the lights, we head home to enjoy our final night of pre-Christmas celebrations as a family. A few years ago, I started a Christmas Eve Box. It includes new PJs, blankets, socks, a game/movie or book, some special treats (candy, popcorn, cocoa) and whatever else I find that fits. We all throw on the jammies, sit around the tree and anxiously await Christmas morning.

Today will be no different. Well, it will be a little different due to the RV space BUT same concept! We will be spending time with my husband’s family on Christmas Eve before Mass. Then we will head to my mom’s for brunch on Christmas Day, followed by gifts at my dad’s. All in all, it will be a busy, but hopefully a pleasant day.

Christmas is always a humbling day for me as well. It is so special to me that it often makes me reflect on past Christmas celebrations and those who aren’t with us any longer. I often think of my grandmother as I am busily baking goods leading up to Christmas. I also think of my grandfather and his stories he would tell at any gathering. While I miss those who aren’t with us, I can’t help but be grateful for everyone who is “new” to the traditions… like my own sweet babies.

So tomorrow, instead of blogging away, I’ll be spending quality time with my family and embracing those wonderful memories we are sure to make. Since you won’t hear from me on the big day, I want to wish you the merriest of Christmas celebrations! I hope you have a safe, joyful and blessed day – however you choose to spend it. Talk to you in a couple days 🙂

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