Warm & Windy!

Day 23 of the 25 Days of Christmas

It’s December 23… but you’d never know it by the Kansas weather. I’m not kidding.. today it was in the 60s! It was WINDY but unseasonably warm. It was SO very nice out (aside from the wind). Since, it was such a beautiful day, we decided to hit the trails behind our home for a little nature walk. We didn’t see too much but were able to scare away some birds and squirrels with our out of pitch Christmas carols 🙂 We’ve had a lot of rain… which is kind of putting a damper on the home/bakery construction but we have faith it will all work out as it is supposed to!


It’s amazing what a little nice weather can do for everyone’s mood. These were two happy kiddos today because they got to play outside so much. Plus, it never hurts to get that vitamin D when you can so I enjoyed it as well!


Today’s giving went to our local post office and neighbors. We baked up a few special goodies and took them around. Our local postmaster’s wife eats gluten-free for her health so I was happy to be able to make a mini loaf of Cinnamon Roll Bread and take to them. That bread… whew… looked AMAZING! We don’t get to taste test until Friday morning brunch. The anticipation is rough for everyone…


Honestly, today was one of those kind of “blah” days though – all on my part. Our current living quarters aren’t ideal but they are manageable. It’s the not the space (or lack there of) that I mind… it’s the lack of focus on everyone’s part. We are all so distracted and mixed up that it’s hard to enjoy each other’s company. You know those nasty “ruts” we all get in from time to time? Well, we are in one…. I was hoping that our 25 Days of Christmas would help that. It has but not to the extent I’d hoped. However, there’s still 2 more days til Christmas so maybe there’s hope. There is so much focus on material items – presents, candy, toys, food, gifts, etc. Even if I try to limit the exposure to unnecessary “wants”, they are ALWAYS around. Today, it just kind of hit me that I still have some work to do to make sure the kids know what Christmas is really about and how to make them more appreciative. Any tips??????????? I’m all ears.. (or eyes)…

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