Veggie & Sprout Sandwich

So by the title I’m sure you can guess that this recipe is not a very heavy or manly sandwich. However, I’ll have you know that my husband thought it tasted fine! I really liked it because it was light but still filling. It’s perfect for a quick lunch. The sprouts give it a nice crunch and the other veggies give it a little extra volume so you don’t need to add meat. You could easily add some lunchmeat to the sandwich but I think it’s great without. Makes 1 sandwich

2 slices GF multi-grain bread

1 tbsp edamame spread or hummus
2 slices of tomato
4 thin slices of cucumber
¼ cup sprouts (I used a mixture of different kinds)
½ red wine vinaigrette

  • Toast your bread slices and let cool while you are cutting your veggies.
  • Spread edamame or hummus over bread slices.
  • Top one slice of bread with sprouts, cucumber and tomato.
  • Drizzle over vinaigrette and top with remaining bread slice.

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