Valentine’s Menu for Family

Sometimes when you have a child it is hard to have a “date night”. I will tell you that it is even harder with two kids. The biggest challenge we face now is actually going to dinner. We have great volunteers for babysitters – our problem is we usually can’t bring ourselves to actually leave them somewhere after work, we want to be with them as much as possible. Due to my dietary restrictions, it is really hard to find an allergy free restaurant to cater to my needs. It is simply easier and safer to buy it ourselves and cook it at home. That’s our plan for Valentine’s Day this year. My son is looking forward to V-Day. This is the first year he’s really acknowledged that it exists. We’ve made a few treats ahead of time to get prepared. We will also be celebrating the holiday as a family. The plan is to have a nice Valentine’s Day dinner and then my husband and I can have a date night at home. It’s the perfect date for us right now. A lot of people I know go through a lot of trouble to make reservations, rush around, scramble to find a place to eat, etc. It’s a lot of fuss for food. We’ve learned you can make things just as special by making meals at home as you can going to a nice restaurant. So if you have trouble finding a place to eat or you just want to avoid the crowds, try one of these meal ideas at home!

2013-11-10 11.56.00

Watermelon Mint Jam with Crackers
Zesty Corn Salad
Tomato Basil Soup

2013-10-06 17.34.48
Main Dish
Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Pan Seared Rosemary Lamb Chops
Chicken Cordon Bleu

2013-09-08 16.49.11
Side Dishes
Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus
Roasted Vegetables
Balsamic Green Beans

2013-09-08 14.13.29
Caramel Chocolates
Almond Joy Brownies
Strawberry Filled Cupcakes

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