Ultimate Christian Living Bundle

Hello readers!

A few weeks ago, I let you know about a special deal for a bundle of ebooks/courses/discounts related to healthy living. I LOVED my bundle!

Now, I’m here to let you know about a new bundle available! The Ultimate Christian Living Bundle!

Again, it is a collection of ebooks, courses and discounts available for a low price for a short time only. This bundle is priced at $34.95 for over 75 ebooks and other items!!! It is available from Nov 5 – 10 so get yours quick!

What’s included??

Books related to family life and faith – including marriage, parenting and even children’s books. There’s also a MP3 available of the popular Singing Bible which teaches children about the bible – valued at $25 alone!

Books for business or professional life – including ecourses on managing wealth and money faithfully, books by Zig Ziglar, Brig Hart and John Beehner.

There are also MANY  other books relating to building and enhancing your Christian faith.

Discounts and gifts – from sponsors such as Dayspring Greeting Cards, bible study guides, even workouts.

Sound good – checkout the link here to get yours today. If you find you don’t like it, there is a 30 day money back guarantee. Here’s more info/ FAQs about the bundle.

I’ve purchased three of these bundles now and I love all of them. I LOVE being able to pass this information on to you, my readers, so that you can enjoy these awesome deals also. As soon as you purchase a bundle, there is a download link sent to your email and you can download as you wish – easy as that! If you look into these books, you will find that if you purchase about 3 of them separately, you’ve hit your price of $34.95. There’s over 70 more included if you purchase this bundle! But remember, only until Nov. 10!
I’m very excited to read more of this bundle as faith has become a HUGE part of my healing process and growth. I hope you’ll check out this bundle with me!

Here is the full listing of all the books included in the bundle :

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links that help keep this little blog running if you purchase through them!*

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