Taggie Blankets for Baby

I mean it when I say that I am not the best at sewing. Short story – I took Home Ec when I was in high school (1 semester) and we had to make pajama pants. I sewed by pant legs together and they were several inches too short. My mother can sew. I think in her heart she was deeply saddened by the fact that I was terrible at sewing. I don’t like the quit though. I keep at it and she gives me tips here and there. I had someone make my kids burp clothes when they were babies. They were really cute. My kids also have strange obsession for tags on toys. I really think that whoever designs stuffed toys should rethink the location of where the tags are usually placed. Go ahead – go look at a stuffed animal. Chances are the tag is located at the back end of the toy (depending on what it is of course). Both of my kids have stuffed bears that are their favorites. My son was a terrible thumb sucker. He HAD to have the tag in the same hand of the thumb he was sucking. His favorite “baby bear’s” tag was located on the bears butt. Picture this – your kid sucking his thumb with a bear’s bottom on his nose. I hated it. My daughter also likes tags but doesn’t suck her thumb so it isn’t as much of a problem. Regardless, I decided to give them a blankie they could have WITH tags to keep them happy also. Trust me when I say that these are EASY to make. They also make perfect gifts with that special homemade touch.

  • 2 fabric squares, any size (I usually find two patterns that match of the 18” squares – just make sure your squares are the same size
  • 2-3 colors of 1” ribbon (I’ve used different textures with great results)
  • Thread color of choice                                                          
  • Sewing Machine – or needle if you have a lot of time on your hands!

Cut your ribbon into 4 inch long strips. You should have 12 strips total (I typically use 3 different colors and have 4 strips of each color). Place your fabric squares so that the front sides are together. The back sides should be what you look at if you flip the fabric over. You are going to turn the fabric right-side out when you are done so don’t worry! Fold each ribbon “tag” in half and place inside the fabric square bundle. Make sure the loop is on the inside – remember we are turning them out. Secure your ribbons and squares together with a pin. Carefully sew along every side of the square. On the last side, leave about 4 inches open. Using the open gap, turn the fabric square inside out. Carefully sew the remaining 4” of gap. Iron to remove any wrinkles.

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