Snowy Hand Print Jars

If you aren’t one for Black Friday shopping – like me –try this little craft with your kiddies instead! I love, love, love homemade gifts from my children. We have so much fun making them and they really are something you can treasure forever. At least one holiday a year, we try to make gifts for loved ones (usually it’s every holiday!). I had a TON of extra canning jars leftover from this summer and decided to get some use out of them. These are pretty easy to make and fun for the kids.

Canning jars, clean and dry (pick whatever size you like or need depending on children’s ages)

Frosted Spray Paint (you can find this at any hardware store or even Wal-Mart)
Thin, plastic covered wire (you can find it at hardware stores or craft stores)
Yarn, string, burlap, etc (something to tie a bow around the top of the jar)
Acrylic paint (whatever colors you like)
Paint Pens
Tea light candles (regular or flameless)

  • First, you need to spray paint your jars. You really only need to paint the outside and let it dry but you could try the inside too if you’d like.
  • After your jars have tried, put a little bit of acrylic paint onto a paper plate. Paint the child’s hand and have them gently place it on the jar (or you could let them have at it and paint whatever they want!). Let the handprints dry.
  • Paint a friendly message onto the jar if desired using the paint pens and let that dry.
  • Take the wire and wrap it around the threads on top of the jar, making a loop for the handle and securing it within the wire wrap. It doesn’t have to be real secure unless you are actually wanting to hang the jars using the handle.
  • Tie a bow using your type of string around the handle or the top of the jar. Put in a lit tea light candle and enjoy the subtle glow!

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