Sleigh Bells

Day 3 of the 25 Days of Christmas

Sully, our little shelf elf is already making himself at home. Today, he was found lounging around in a toilet paper hammock. Apparently, he wanted to make his own bed instead of sleeping in our paper towel lined napkin holder. Maybe we should up grade him…


Today was a much better day for giving and family time. Technically we have not done the gifting part BUT that will be a surprise to the recipients. I saw this cute little idea on Pinterest of making candy sleighs. They were actually really fun to make!

I’ll be honest, ours were not nearly as pretty as all the ones you can find online but the kids really enjoyed it. Basically, you use candy canes as the rails and top them with a variety of candies.


We have 12 sleighs and the kids decided who they wanted to give each too. They chose random people that we are in contact with regularly, people who will likely not be expecting any cutesy candy sleighs – which is the best part!


Now granted, these aren’t exactly made of candy that I would usually eat BUT it is the holidays and indulgences are almost mandatory so a little is okay!


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