Sleepovers & Singing

Day 7 & 8 of the 25 Days of Christmas

School Christmas programs…. blah……

Yes, I said it. I’m sure those music teachers and others put a lot of work into making the programs great – song selection, practicing, trying to get dozens of kids under 8 to do the same thing at the same time. I get it. HOWEVER, my son did not get any genes from either my husband or myself that help him with public engagements or audiences. He gets terrified in front of people. It doesn’t just happen with big crowds at programs or somewhere else. He doesn’t like people. He is VERY shy and withdrawn…. we are working on it.

So today was his 1st grade Christmas program. I loved performing in school and couldn’t wait to see him on stage with his classmates. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite get the response I was hoping for. Last year, I honestly thought he was going to throw up. I took him back to the waiting area before the program and he was about to hyperventilate. I literally thought I’d have the kid who puked on stage. Luckily, I didn’t. Instead, he stood there and did not move his mouth, body, anything. He was as white as a ghost and hurried off that stage as soon as his songs were over. I felt terrible for him. This year, I expected much of the same. His social skills haven’t improved much and we considered letting him stay home and just avoiding the program all together. He actually asked my mom one day what type of BUG he could EAT so that he would get sick and have to miss the program! We had seriously considered letting him stay home and not forcing him to go. I’m sure there are lots of opinions on the matter BUT that’s for another time 🙂 Anyway, he decided on his own that he wasn’t “as nervous” and would go if I wanted him to – but he didn’t want to sing. I said “OK!” I told him I just wanted a smile… he didn’t have to sing, dance, etc – just one smile. WELL, I didn’t get that. He did the exact same thing, only this year he seemed to stand out worse because there was a lot of dancing as well as singing. He just stood in one place, motionless and did not open his mouth. As I went to pick him up after the program, his first words to me were “Well… I survived!” Yes son… yes, we did.


While he may be lacking in social skills, he makes up for it with kindness (which is okay by me!). Yesterday, we donated some goodies to the Titan Kids program in our school district. Basically, it is a program that helps out some of the needy kids that go to the schools – ranging in age from Pre-K to high school. I always kind of “ignored” the fact that there were so many kids going with out basic needs. I’m very naïve about some things and this was one of them. I really didn’t pay attention until I had to leave work and became a SAHM. Every day when I would pick Lane up from school, I actually got to see the other kids daily. There were several without good shoes, coats, gloves, hats, etc. Little things that we take for granted so often. Titan Kids helps with that by providing clothing (coats, gloves, etc), food (meals for kids to take home on the weekends), body products (lip balm, hand sanitizer, etc). The kids helped shop for some basic needs for the winter – gloves, warm socks, tissues, lip balm. Whatever girl gets what Harper picked out will definitely be feeling like a princess…. she’s so into the Disney Princess characters right now. We delivered the gifts to our local district office yesterday. Ask your schools about programs that help out kids or families in your area!


The last couple of days, we received some new books as part of our family time routine. One was The Berenstain Bears’ Sleepover book. It was very fitting as our son just had his first sleepover (with a friend) this past weekend. In addition, we are taking a little break from RV sleeping and watching my in-laws house while they are on vacation. Kind of like a sleepover at Papa’s house! The other was a cute book about Jesus and his love for His children. It was called Jesus Calling for Little Ones. VERY CUTE!

Are you wondering about today’s giving? It involves YOU!  I’ve decided to have a little giveaway!!! Stay tuned for more details tomorrow! It’s put together and ready to so be watching for it – especially on Facebook – to get your entries in quick!

Oh! And I almost forgot to share Sully’s adventures of the last couple of days. Yesterday we found him hanging upside down from the RV Christmas lights. Today, he was found after getting himself stuck in a drinking glass. Either way, he’s always mischievous.




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