Sesame Almond Stir Fry

Stir-fried dishes are my go-to for busy days. They are so quick and easy to throw together and can feature whatever ingredients you have on hand. In this post, I’m going to share with you a few tips to save even more time!

First, grab a package of coleslaw mix or broccoli slaw mix to avoid having to spend a lot of time chopping veggies. You can also pre-chop veggies during the weekend or on a slow day to have already prepped during the week.

Second, pre-cook some meat, if desired, to quickly add to your stir fry. I like to make my Roasted Chicken and have chicken already shredded for soups, stir fry, enchiladas, etc.

Third, use a variety of flavors for spices and sauces. Here’s a few options: ginger, chili powder, cilantro, coconut aminos, paprika, cumin, fish sauce, tahini, peanut/almond butter, rice vinegar, etc.

Now, on to the featured recipe!
Makes 4 servings

sesame almond stirfry
1 10 oz pkg of broccoli slaw mix
1 cup cabbage, chopped
1 cup bok choy, chopped
1 cup carrots, steamed and chopped *see note*
1 Tbsp sesame oil
2 Tbsp almond butter
1 Tbsp coconut aminos
1 tsp rice vinegar
1 tsp ground ginger
1/2 tsp sea salt
1/2 tsp black pepper
1 tsp cilantro
Sunflower seeds, if desired

In a large skillet, saute slaw mix, cabbage, bok choy and carrots in sesame oil. Cook for about 15 minutes, stirring frequently. Meanwhile, in a small bowl, combine almond butter, coconut aminos, vinegar, ginger, salt, pepper and cilantro. Whisk until smooth. Pour almond butter mixture over vegetables and stir until combined. Cook for just another couple of minutes to heat sauce. Sprinkle with sunflower seeds and serve.


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