School snacks and Penny Pinching Party

School will be starting SO soon! We are trying our best to be prepared. One thing we are trying to do is to make sure we have our meals and snacks planned out. School lunches cost $2.25 per day for my sweet little Kindergartener. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the idea of school lunch. However, I also know what school lunches consist of, which are things that are no longer welcome in our home. Don’t think I’m a mean, crazy mom – (okay maybe crazy) but I do want my children to get nutritious meals, even away from home. I had my favorite meal at school – turkey noodle day – as I’m sure my son will too. For my son’s birthday this month, we got him a new backpack (complete with school supplies) and a new lunchbox and lunch containers. He was SO excited. He’s been carrying them around randomly at home. He says he’s ready for school… I sure hope God helps me to be ready for it!

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Anyway – I know many of you are running into the same challenges I am facing. How can I give my kids quality, nutritious meals on a budge and in a hurry?? Well, planning ahead is my best tip. Check out my meal plans that I post every Monday to get started. However, we also prepare meals ahead of time too. For snacks, I like to have readily accessible items for quick grabs in the morning. Below is a link to a post I have for easy, make-ahead snack ideas. They are healthy, whole food options that kids will love and will save you time.

Quick Snacks for a Busy Week

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They will also save you money! Healthy foods are typically more expensive but if you pre-plan and buy smart, you can make it work! I stumbled across a link up page for Penny Pinching ideas. Check out some other bloggers ideas here. Also – check out the host site, The Thrifty Home, for other money saving tips.

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