Savory Sage Stuffing

In our house, our food motto is to waste nothing. We strive to 1-never throw out food or let food go bad. 2-use every useable part of the food. 3-avoid processed foods at (almost) all costs. 4-budget and meal plan sensibly and efficiently. To do this, I try to find something to do with any “extra” parts of foods that no one really wants to eat. For example, we use poultry bones to make bone broths, or dark meat to make stews. We use fruit cores or vegetables to make juices. I usually bake gluten-free breads every other week and freeze them to last longer. No one really likes the ends or “butt” pieces but they make AWESOME stuffings or bread puddings. I just keep a freezer bag accessible for any time we have those pieces of the bread loaf leftover. Once I have enough pieces, I create something with it. Since the holidays are just around the corner, this stuffing was made! It would go wonderful with your holiday turkey or ham. It can easily be prepped the day before and bake the day of your meal. Makes about 8 servings

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10-12 slices of bread or pieces (thawed if frozen)
2 large eggs
2 cups chicken or beef broth (homemade!)
1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp black pepper
2 tsp ground sage
1 tsp parsley

  • Spread bread slices in a single layer on a large baking sheet. Let bread sit on counter overnight or to speed up the process, bake at 200F for about 20 minutes or until bread is dry and crispy.
  • Break bread into small pieces and place in a bowl. Add in eggs, broth, salt, pepper, sage and parsley.
  • Mix with hands until bread is covered with mixture. Let bread soak up the liquid for about 30 minutes in the fridge (or overnight).
  • Pour into a greased 3 qt baking dish and bake at 350F for about 30-40 minutes or until mixture is cooked through and starting to brown.

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