Salted Chocolate Ice Cream

I haven’t officially done a full review of Love Bean Fudge… in a few simple words, I can give you one though – GO BUY IT NOW! Oh man… this stuff is amazing. I had heard such great things about it and I am a sucker for anything chocolate – but it must use quality, nutritious ingredients. I have yet to find a flavor that I don’t love. Honestly, I can eat it by the spoonful but it’s also great with fresh fruits, cereals, smoothies and yes, over ice cream. Now I’m going to give you a recipe that uses just 4 ingredients and is AMAZING! As most of you know, we use our YoNanas blender several times a week because it is so easy and much healthier. This makes 4 (large) servings.

salted chocolate caramel ice cream

4 large bananas, peeled and frozen
1/4 cup coconut sugar
4 Tbsp Love Bean Fudge Original
Sea salt
In a small skillet or in a bowl in the microwave, warm Love Bean Fudge just slight until it’s melted and pourable. In a YoNanas maker or a blender, puree bananas into a large bowl. Stir in coconut sugar with bananas until combined. Scoop into serving bowls and drizzle with fudge. Sprinkle with a little sea salt.


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