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Do you shop at Whole Foods or similar store? Do you love the variety of products and produce, etc? Do you quietly cringe at some of the prices? Me too…. Do you have a Costco membership or Sam’s Club membership? Do you love the bulk price deals? Do you get annoyed with huge packages of snacks or trying to find space for cases of products? Me too… I want the quality items at bulk, discount prices. Thankfully, I found Thrive Market!

Thrive Market is an online store that offers best-selling natural and organic products at wholesale prices. They have over 2,500 products including foods, supplements, personal and beauty items and home products. They are currently offering a FREE 30 day trial to show customers how they work and the variety of products available. After the trial, there is a low, annual membership fee ($59.95). You can also cancel anytime.

In addition to great prices, free shipping over $49 and quality products, Thrive offers a chance for customers to earn money back also. For each person who you refer, you get $10 back when they subscribe!

So far, I have placed 3 orders from Thrive. In my area, it is hard to find quality products at reasonable prices locally. They are either not carried in stores, or cost a fortune. That’s why I love Thrive. Thrive’s prices even compete with Amazon, etc. I always compare prices before I purchase something online and so far, Thrive wins!

For example- In my first order, I purchased the following items:

Jackson’s Honest Chips : potato chips cooked in coconut oil. $4.45 – compare at Amazon for $7.30
Nutiva Shortening: a cooking oil product using coconut oil, coconut palm oil. Like the healthy version of Crisco. $5.45 – compare to Whole Foods prices of over $8.00
Mighty Leaf Tea Sampler: a variety pack of organic black teas. $5.95 – compare to local stores of $7.00
Gaia Herbs Black Elderberry capsules: an herbal supplement that I use for immune support. $13.95 – compare to other forms of elderberry of $19.95+
Red Boat Fish Sauce: a flavorful condiment great for Asian dishes. $6.45 – compare to Amazon at $8.25
EO Soap for Kids: 32 oz of clean, natural complete body soap for everyone! $6.95 – compare at $9.99+
Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos: a raw, soy and gluten free food similar to soy sauce. $4.45 – compare at Amazon of $8.95 *the best deal I’ve found!*
+ much more with similar price comparisons. You should also note that stores, including Amazon, often change prices so these were the prices when I placed my order. They could have changed since then.

Do you follow a Paleo lifestyle? or gluten free? Thrive has a search option specific to dietary needs or lifestyle choices. In addition, they have search options based on food type. Thrive carries everything from chocolate bars (Eating Evolved=delish!), cereal, jams/nut butters, body wash, herbal supplements, and even kitchen supplies + everything in between.

I love that I can find uncommon or relatively new products at Thrive, without having to order bulk quantities or travel to find something. Plus, I usually place a large order every few weeks so that I can take advantage of the free shipping offer.

As you can see, there are many perks of being a Thrive member. If you are skeptical, give the 30 day free trial a chance. If you aren’t satisfied, cancel! If you are (I think you will be), go ahead with the annual membership. You can easily pay for our membership on your first couple of orders.

What’s even better? Thrive gives back with every membership purchased. For each paid membership, Thrive gives a membership to a low income American family. It’s awesome that they are giving people the chance to have quality, healthy products.

Click here to check out more about Thrive Market!

*This post includes affiliate links. I could potentially receive compensation for theses links at no extra cost to you. As always, I do not recommend or endorse products or services that I don’t personally use or have tried.*



6 thoughts on “Review of the Week: Thrive Market

  1. Paulette says:

    How upset would you be if you purchased edible seeds and the website did not disclose that they were grown in China??…..and the company said they have no obligation to disclose that to their customers…….and it’s supposed to be a health conscious, ethical company?

    Thrive Market is that company. I purchased 3 bags of “Woodstock Organic Pumpkin Seeds” to use in my bread baking and nowhere on the product information page was it shown that these were a product of China.

    Thrive Market just told me again that they did not believe that they were withholding important information and that they are refusing to refund my money. I even offered to send the offending seeds back to them.

    Their customer service sucks and I’ve been in that business for 50 yrs. How many potential customers might this review reach and how many sales might they lose? I think it potentially could be much more than the <$20 they owe me.

    • crstultz says:

      Paulette – Thank you so much for your comments and sharing your experience with Thrive. As someone with severe food allergies, labeling and full disclosure is something that my life literally depends on. In that respect, I can completely understand your frustration and I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with that. I have heard mixed reviews on their customer service but I haven’t personally dealt with it myself. I have had nothing but positive experiences with Thrive. In the very small area that I live, healthy products are hard to come by. I’m all for shopping local but sometimes we just don’t have great options or the costs are outrageous. That’s why I enjoy Thrive. With that being said, I’m SO careful about buying online. I always research brands or products thoroughly before I try them (and even call manufacturers). I try to stick with brands I know and trust but sometimes you have to venture out. One thing that I could suggest for Thrive is having a bit more disclosure on products – just like in your case. Even posting pictures of the full product (all labels and sides) so you can actually read for yourself what you are buying. I recently attended a webcast with Thrive and they seemed very open for suggestions and questions. As a business that is less than a year old, I’m sure they will have some kinks to work out. I hope they can get your issue resolved too!

      • Paulette says:

        I have had an ongoing discussion with various reps for Thrive through both their FB page and customer service and they have been less than helpful. This was not my only problem with Thrive……this is just the one that makes me the most angry and the one that potential customers should be aware of. On FB, any negative comments are removed…..not just mine but others have disappeared too. And almost from day one, I have had a problem with them. I got my first box and, after a long truck across country, they had not sealed the box with tape so anything could’ve crawled in along the way and because it was stuffed with paper (I like the packaging actually), who knows what was hiding in that paper. Another problem was a fairly expensive can of crab meat….it was carefully wrapped in paper but was already damaged beyond being able to open it when it was wrapped. I know how to wrap & ship things due to my 10+ yrs of being a seller on eBay and numerous years of packing highly fragile electronics items for the a/v company that I was an office manager for…….and that can of crab was damaged before it was packed. A Thrive CSR on FB & through email all but called me a liar and said it had to be damaged in shipping……BS!! I did get a refund from them after numerous arguments. I just find that their CSRs and others that I’ve dealt with are hurting their chances of being a viable company with their inaction or pissing people off with charging their accounts for full membership before their time was up (I can’t count how many reviews I have read about that happening). I also see a problem with the fact that their cheaper prices (at least some are) may not last and that people will be stuck paying for their membership and not being able to afford their prices. I see lots of problems down the road.

        • crstultz says:

          Wow – thank you for sharing your experiences. While I hope things between you can work out, I do hope they can also get someone to listen to your concerns to prevent others from having these issues. I think they have a potential for being successful as long as their quick growth doesn’t interfere with customer satisfaction.

  2. chuck says:

    I sent a request on their website to cancel my membership. It took it some link else where I confirmed I still want to cancel my membership. Then I received a long email talking about how I can still stay a customer, and a discount was offered. But I said I wanted to cancel! Several times!!!
    2 weeks later my credit card was charged for membership.
    I called several times to cancel over phone. Nobody picks up. 5 minutes of waiting on the line and pre-recorded message tells “sorry we could not respond, try again”. I call again, same result.
    I sent message on their website. I received reply, sorry we no longer monitor this mailbox
    I had to file a claim with BBB and a fraud claim with my CC and low and behold, i got a response within one day saying they would refund my card
    Now they profusely apologize saying they were busy with an influx of new customers. So, let me get this right, you dont have time for the customers you do have because you are paying too much attention to ones you are trying to get? Seems like a great business model

    If you dont believe me go check out BBB site and see the number of other people who have been duped by this company.

    • crstultz says:

      Chuck – thank you for sharing your experiences. I think it’s important for my readers to hear other people’s experiences of products/services/companies that I review. I still have yet to have a bad experience with Thrive and I love being able to get products from them that I can’t get where I live. But just because I have a positive opinion, doesn’t mean everyone else will. I do hope they can resolve these issues to ensure both current and new/potential customers have positive experiences.

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