Review of the Week – Coffee Alternatives

As an adult, I think you are expected to consume large quantities of coffee or caffeine. What happens if you don’t tolerate it? What happens if caffeine causes more distress than energy? What happens if you simply don’t like the flavor or taste? Well… you find an alternative!

It wasn’t long ago that I was a typical college student eating Pop-Tarts with a thermos of coffee in the car each morning. Don’t let that scare you – I used to eat Taco Bell for lunch each day. Anyway – I loved the taste of coffee, the comfort and obviously, the caffeine boost. However, I quickly realized that coffee wasn’t really a good friend of my gut. It was one of the first things I gave up before I even found many answers to my health issues. I do have it on rare occasion but I miss having it regularly….


I haveĀ  found a few alternatives that taste amazing! Here’s a couple of my favorite options for you:

If you love hot cocoa and coffee, you’ll love ground cacao from Crio Bru! Basically, you can brew it just like coffee grounds; however, I love it brewed in a French press for a bit stronger flavor. It has a very strong cacao flavor and is 100% natural and pure. It is considered a superfood that is low in calories, has very little caffeine and is naturally gluten free, sugar free, fat free and cholesterol free. It’s loaded with antioxidants and minerals. Click here for a list of the benefits of drinking Crio Bru. I love it and have tried several flavors. Here’s a couple recipes I’ve used it in:

Cacao Root Latte
Morning Cup of Cacao

You can get Crio Bru at their website here or you can find it here on Amazon.


If you are looking for more of an authentic coffee alternative, you’ll love Teeccino Herbal Coffees and Teas. They have a gluten-free line of herbal teas featuring a combination of herbs and flavors that are great. In addition to being gluten free, there’s also no caffeine and it has low acidity. I have tried the different varieties of the gluten free herbal teas and love them all. (Gluten Free Dandelion Herbal Coffee Alternativeis AWESOME!) I have found that they taste the most similar to coffee than any other product I’ve found.

In addition to the gluten free line, Teeccino also has an actual all-purpose ground version to use in your coffee pot, tea steeper, etc. Plus they have some cereals, gifts and even sampler packs you can purchase. Check out the Teeccino website here or you can find their products on Amazon also.

cacao root latte

Overall, my pantry ALWAYS has these two brands on hand so that I can enjoy my “coffee-like” fix anytime! Check them both out and let me know what you think!!!


*Includes affiliate links. Crio Bru nor Teeccino promoted or sponsored this review. As always, if I find a product I love, I share it with you!


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