Psalm 130 – #SheReadsTruth

If you haven’t heard of or checked out #SheReadsTruth, I highly suggest that you do! Every day these women provide reflections on Bible references. After hearing from a friend, I decided to subscribe to their emails. I honestly think that devoting just a little time reading these reflections has not only helped me give God more of my thoughts, but also helped me have faith in my own struggles. For Lent, they have given their readers an “assignment” to post their own reflections on certain verses. Today’s verse is Psalm 130. Here is my take on it!

I’ll be honest – I had never read this scripture before. I find myself constantly pleading for God’s help or encouragement in my daily life. I also find myself getting discouraged because I still seek answers and impatiently wait for God’s response. After reading this I realized, we are always waiting … for something. We are always waiting for the work day to end, or the kids to go to bed, for the weather to change, etc. Then I thought, how long does God wait for us to come to Him? How long does God wait for us to give ourselves to Him in thought and prayer? Not only are we “watchmen” waiting for “daybreak”, but so is God. God is also waiting for us to seek him and have faith that His love will prevail over our struggles and that He will forgive our sins. The difference is God is patient with us; He knows we are sinners and yet He loves us anyway; He blesses us anyway. After reading this I hope that I can have more patience in waiting for God’s response and hope that you do too!

May God Bless You All Today and Always!

7 thoughts on “Psalm 130 – #SheReadsTruth

  1. Misty says:

    He is always waiting, especially those times when we see it but then we turn from it b/c we are at the peak rather than a valley and no longer feel the need to lean into him. I find myself wondering if he ever shakes his head at us in wonder due to our slowness of realization.

    • crstultz says:

      You are so right – I can imagine there are definitely times when we does shake his head at us in wonder! I can’t say I’d blame him 🙂

  2. Lauren Hanson says:

    I loved how you asked us to think about how long God has waited for us to come to Him. I don’t go to to Him first a lot of the times but He patiently waits for me to give my struggles and “junk” over to Him. Thanks for that reminder! Grace and Peace, Lauren

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