Product of the Week: My Kitchen Shrink

Today, I’m starting a new weekly ritual. I’m going to start offering you a “Product of the Week”. This may be a physical product, a book or resource, another blogger/author or even a company.

The purpose of this blog is to help all my readers – that means you! I want to help spread the word about healthy, quality foods, products, companies and other resources. I love creating recipes for you but I also love being able to tell you about wonderful things relating to those recipes!

To start off, I want to introduce you to Elyse of My Kitchen Shrink. I first met Elyse at the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo in Dallas, TX. She was a very bubbly and fun person, promoting her book, Smoothie Secrets Revealed. I’ll be honest, her book looked great but at the time, I had a love/hate relationship with smoothies. My body loved them for healing but my heart and mind hated them. Because of that, I decided not to get her book at the expo.  However, on our long drive home, I kept seeing her card as I was going through my stuff. I finally decided to buy the Kindle version of her book. I’m SO glad I did. I have been working my way through the recipes in her book and I LOVE them. She takes smoothies to a whole new level in this book! These aren’t just breakfast smoothies; they are pre or post workout smoothies, snack smoothies, any time of day smoothies. She uses common, nutritious ingredients and the smoothies taste great. My favorite recipes are the Zen Chai Tea, Crazy for Cacao, and Balancing Blueberry Hemp. This book is not just smoothies though. Elyse also includes other recipes for nut milks, nut butters, kombucha, coconut yogurt + more. One of my favorite parts is she shows us her knowledge of nutrition by explaining the ingredients of her recipes and their nutritional properties. Overall, I wish I would have bought this book when I first ran into Elyse at the expo so I could get to reading it sooner! Here’s a link to check out her book:

In addition to her great book, Elyse also offers very inspirational, empowering and just overall, positive advice through her website, Facebook page and newsletters. I just completed her Feel FAB Free Challenge and it was very eye opening. It was a simple, online 5 day challenge that is designed to help make positive changes in how you feel about yourself, your body, your eating habits, etc. As someone who has dealt with depression and emotional issues, I can say that Elyse knows what she’s doing. I encourage you to check out her website here and get familiarized with how the My Kitchen Shrink works!


*This post includes affiliate links. These links present no extra cost to you but they do help support this blog. Also, I am in no way affiliated with My Kitchen Shrink (I just like her stuff!)*


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