PB&J Bananas

As a mother of two busy children, I know how precious your time is. Some of the recipes I share require a little more work and time than you all want. I get that. However, some people like a challenge – like myself. I love recipes that are involved and require me to use my noggin. HOWEVER, sometimes you just need simple. What I’ve learned is that the life of a food blogger is busy and time consuming. If I’m not thinking of a recipe at all hours of the day or night, I’m washing up tons of dishes after making the recipe. If I can get my kitchen in some sort of order by the end of the day, I’m doing a good job. Toss in a lightning fast two year old diva and there goes my day! After school is our busiest time after my son gets home. We LOVE this little snack. It’s SO simple – just three easy ingredients! The kids think they are getting a sweet snack, and I know they are getting nutrition. Plus, I like to eat it too! Makes 1-2 servings

pb & j bananas

1 large banana, split and cut in half
1-2 tsp peanut or almond butter (I like this brand – try finding one without added sugars)
1 tsp jam (I like this brand as it doesn’t have added sugars or sweeteners)

  • Place split banana halves on a plate. Spread over peanut butter and jam. Serve with a fork! You can even top with some shredded coconut if desired!

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