PB & Bird Seed

Day 10 of the 25 Days of Christmas

December 10th already?! This month is flying by and is super busy (as I’m sure it is for you!). Today was an extra special day – it was Harper’s first trip to the dentist! She did GREAT! We had a slight meltdown a block from the office but I knew she’d end up doing fine. Dr. Herron & his staff are great! Keli is one of the sweetest people we know and I knew she’d make sure Harper & Lane were comfortable. I must say she was rather amusing – with all of her 50 questions while watching Lane got his teeth cleaned first. “What’s that?” “What’s her name?” “What’s she doing?” “What’s her name?” “Does that hurt?” “What’s her name?” “What’s that noise?” …. you get the idea.  Here’s proof that she was all pretty, healthy smiles 🙂


Mr. Sully decided to hide in the tree last night… he was trying to be a bit sneaky and it worked. That or the lack of sleep everyone got just made it harder to find him 🙂 Not sure why but for some reason both kids were convinced that bears live in my in-laws basement and decided not to sleep. Oh well… that’s life with kids 🙂


Our family time & giving today was really fun! We’ve been trying to emphasize the need to help others this holiday season but I also wanted them to think outside the “human” box. Tonight, we made several pinecone bird feeders to put out around the yard. We found some pinecones from our new trees and slathered some peanut butter on them. Then we rolled the pinecones in bird seed. We will hang them up around the yard (probably all in the same tree as I’m short and there’s not many trees with limbs within reach!). I was a little worried about this one because I was afraid of a HUGE mess. However, we threw down a big piece of paper on the counter and just rolled it up when we were done – super easy & clean! We’ll be doing this often as it let’s the kids unwind and it was just fun! 20151210_190728

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