Paleo Living Magazine subscriptions for all my readers!!!

Hello everybody!!!

Recently, my Paleo No-Grola recipe was featured by Paleo Living Magazine. It was currently in their most recent issue – which I’m VERY excited about! Thanks to them, they are graciously offering all of my readers a FREE 3-month subscription to their magazine!!!! That means we all win! I get published and you get FREE access to a great magazine!!!

They have great Apple and Android apps for their magazine. Click this link to set up your subscription. Also – there isn’t an auto-renew subscription, so it’s truly 3 free months!

I hope you take advantage of this awesome deal! The magazine has great recipes, tips and advice from bloggers, doctors, researchers, etc. If you follow or want to learn more about the Paleo diet, this is a great magazine to read!

Again – check out this deal and most of all, thank you for reading my blog!! My goal is to help all of you in some way – either providing a new recipe for family dinner, providing encouragement, help save you time during busy days, etc!

God bless!!


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