On-The-Go Holidays

For most people, the holidays require traveling. Whether it’s traveling to the store, mall, or even across the country to the in-laws… travel is there. With travel comes on-the-go eating or the need for quick snacks. As someone with food allergies, it’s SO important to be able to have healthy snack options at all times. Having readily available snacks helps ensure we stay on track, gives us healthy options instead of fast food or junk food, and helps provide confidence in safe meals for those of us that need it.

The holidays are usually stressful enough, but let me help you find some comfort in healthy snack options! I’ve put together a wide collection of some of my favorite healthy snacking options as well as some great resources where you can find pre-made snacks that are ready to go!


Super Berry No-Grola Bars

super berry nogrola bars

Garlic Sesame Popcorn Mix

Peanut Butter Popcorn Mix

2013-11-17 16_05_11

Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix

Aloha No-Grola

Nut Butter & Banana

Raw Lemon Lavender Coconut Bites

Cocoa Roasted Hazelnuts

 Holiday Candy Ideas


Fruit Leathers or Snacks

Trail mixes

Granola or Nut Bars

Roasted Nuts



Nut butters & Fresh Fruits

Other Tips & Tricks

  • Always have a quick stash of snacks in your purse, car, luggage, etc.
  • Keep pre-made snacks in an easily accessible location: bowl on counter, container in fridge, shelf in pantry, etc.
    • Some easy items to make in advance are granolas, trail mixes, popcorn.
  • Prepare fruits and veggies in advance for quick-grab snacks on-the-go: bell pepper slices, apple slices, oranges, carrots, snap peas, etc.
  • If you know of travel plans ahead of time, grab some of our favorite “safe” snacks like protein bars, jerky, snack packs, etc.
  • If you can take a cooler reasonably with you, do so! That way you can pack easy items like cheese sticks, yogurts, deli meat slices, pepperoni or other cold items and throw some ice on top. You can also grab these things at the store on the way to your destination.
  • If you are flying, make sure you check with airline regulations but one tip we’ve found is as long as the foods are unopened and meet the TSA liquid requirements, you can take certain items. For example, small applesauce packs (the squeezeable kind), small nut butter packets, tea bags, jerky bars are all items you can take on the plane.
  • If you are just doing some holiday shopping, steer clear of the spiced nuts, chocolate chip cookies and food court items! Just throw a few favorites in your purse or shopping bag and snack while you shop!
  • Here’s a few links to some other traveling and snacking tips that I’ve posted previously:

Other Resources

  • Nuts.Com is a great online store that offer a HUGE variety of products – everything I’ve listed above! You can buy snack items, baking items and even bulk items. They also have organic products as well.
    • In addition to the online store, Nuts.Com has a blog that features great articles, tips, resources and more! For example, they have a Healthy Snacking page as well as a page for Quick Snacks. Check them out for more ideas!
  • Amazon obviously has a huge selection of healthy snacks that you can buy ahead of time.
  • 100 Days of Real Food Blog has Tons of great tips too!
  • Elana from one of my favorite blogs, Elana’s Pantry has a great list of snack recipes here.
  • Another favorite blog, The Spunky Coconut, has a lot of great travel tips and snacks for kids. I LOVE her tips on traveling to Disneyland too! See her blog here!

I hope you find these tips helpful. Remember, the holidays are meant to be filled with fun, love, joy and peace. I hope you all have an enjoyable holiday season and safe travels – wherever you go!

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