My mom is…

Strong. Kind. Funny.

These are some things my kids described me as this year for Mother’s Day crafts. Want to know what else they said? I like showers, I am scared of snakes, I am weird sometimes, I make dinner all the time. All of those things are true too 🙂


Seriously though, my son chose “strong” to describe me. I asked him why and he said ‘because you are. You don’t feel good but you still do lots of things anyway.’ I was literally speechless. That’s what I’ve learned about motherhood… it’s surprising, not what you expect, and the greatest joy I’ve ever known.

It’s amazing to see how my kids view me as a mother. For my sweet boy to think I am strong literally warmed my soul. Internally, I try to do whatever I can to get by some days so they don’t know anything is wrong. On a daily basis, I try to hide how I’m feeling so they don’t worry, they don’t miss out or they don’t notice. However, I found out I’ve failed a few times. He DOES notice, he IS aware, he DOES worry but he loves me anyway. He doesn’t say anything (usually) but just accepts it and moves on. In some ways, it bothers me but it other ways, it makes me extremely proud. He appreciates what I do (secretly or not) and understands that ‘strong’ isn’t always about muscle.


You know that everyone says… “I wish there was a manual on parenting.” True, that would be handy. However, I’ve learned that those little surprises can be the most important lesson, the funniest story or the sweetest memory.20160430_172537

For example, an important lesson that I’ve learned is that my sweet girl can NOT be left alone with glue, scissors, markers, paint or lip gloss. She wanted to see how her legs looked through pants this year… so she chopped her pants up with scissors. In fact, today she decided her Baby Ariel needed bangs… or scalped as it turned out. She’s glued everything together – googly eyes, papers, boxes, clothing, toys, toilet paper, etc. She’s learned that paint does not taste well – especially black paint as she lets it run down her face – not kidding, the girl looked like something out of a horror movie with black mouth, face and neck (PS, it was not toxic paint but I’m sure not exactly healthy). My sweet son is VERY literal with everything. Recently at baseball practice, his coach was having them run bases. His coach said “run through first and be sure to touch the bags.” My son went first and ran as fast as he could… and jumped over first base. His coach explained to him and the other boys why he was ‘out’. After practice, I asked him why he didn’t touch the base and he said “I was looking for those bags coach said to touch, but couldn’t find them”.

I also learned that there are some things that dads are better for.. like getting rid of snakes and bugs, putting together trampolines, and talking about ‘boy’ things. Speaking of baseball, my son’s coach suggested they all get ‘cups’ for protection. I was in town at Academy getting him a baseball bat (another story for a different day) so I decided to grab one. Picking out the size is hard enough but explaining it to him was worse. I told him his coach wanted him to have a ‘nut cup’. He said ” like a peanut butter cup?”. Nope son, not a peanut butter cup. Then I had to show him how to put it on… seriously, award winning type comic stuff. However, dads are not good at pony tails… and dad pig tails are disastrous.


That’s the thing about mothers… we all have the same job but we are all unique in our own ways; Single moms, young moms, old moms, two moms, stay-at-home moms, working moms, adoptive moms… the list goes on. The important thing is that we take pride in our ‘job’ and help mold these tiny people into the best adults they can be. It’s hard, it’s stressful, it’s exhausting. I think of the moms in my own life and I’m so thankful for their guidance. No mother is perfect, but sometimes those imperfections can teach us great lessons also.

Motherhood is simply one of the most rewarding and most stressful jobs a person could have but I love it. And while I love celebrating Mother’s Day with my family and my favorite moms, the celebration should really last every day. My wish for all you moms, soon-to-be moms and everyone, is that you had a great day today and that you have a blessed year with those greatest treasures.


I know I sure did… from starting the day at Mass and hearing my baby girl tell me “I love you more than most-er” to working on my garden with my own mom and finally ending the day snuggled up next to my boy watching my favorite movie. Each moment I get to be their mom is a celebration and one that I’m so thankful I get to spend with my best friend and husband…

Tonight, I’ll close this Mother’s Day with one of my favorite quotes—-


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