Morning Cup of Cocoa

Not a morning person?? but not a coffee person either?? I may have found your alternative! I was searcing Amazon – like usual – and I stumbled across this interesting little ground cocoa bean mix. It is called Crio Bru Vega Real. It is delicious!! It is just pure, ground cocoa beans. You can brew it just like coffee or with a French Press. I suggest a French Press as it helps give  a stronger flavor. I use my Keurig with the fillable K-cups. Either way, serve it up with your favorite creamer or sweetener and enjoy!! Crio Bru has several other flavors available so check them out here!

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1-2 Tbsp Crio Bru Vega Real ground cocoa
6-8 oz water
1 Tbsp creamer (try my homemade recipe!)
1 tsp honey or other sweetener

  • In a coffee pot, Keurig or French press, brew the cocoa grounds with water. Add in creamer and honey (as desired or omit if you like black coffee). Basically, make it however you’d make your coffee.
  • It gives the beverage a nice strong flavor, but also sweet – would be perfect as a dessert beverage!

If you’d like to learn more about the Crio Bru company or their products, check them out here!

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