Menu Plan Monday Week of 01/12/14-01/18/14

Good Monday Morning! This is the first week on our new “elimination diet” but don’t worry; I still have to feed my own family so you will still get my typical recipes (not all baby food, pureed recipes!). I’m excited for the challenge of the new diet and my journey ahead. I had someone tell me that “God sends us on wild rides.” That’s the truth but I think all those “rides” help us learn and grow. This is just another path we’ve been put on to help us get to that better place. We all have our own crosses to bear; might as well just embrace it! I’ve also been working on some new organization ideas for food and home that I’ll be posting sometime soon. Be sure to check out to see all her organizing tips and tricks. It is the host site for other menu plans today; find them here! Enjoy your week!

011214-011814 image

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