Menu Plan 03/02/14-03/08/14

Happy Monday – or in our case Happy “cold” Monday! Brr…. This polar vortex stuff is nonsense! I’m over it! I hope you had a good a weekend. My family is getting ready for Lent. We have had the talk with our son as he is now old enough to grasp what Lent means and how we need to prepare for Easter. Of course he still thinks Easter is all about getting jelly beans so I’ve still got some work to do. Regardless, on this week’s menu plan you will find that (Ash) Wednesday is a little bare as we will be fasting. We will also not be eating meat on Friday’s but feel free to swap things around if you don’t share the same beliefs! For Lent, each of us will be sacrificing something. I will be giving up chocolate (my weakness), my husband is giving up beer (and in turn probably chocolate), and my son is giving up mac & cheese (shocker!!! I’m impressed). In addition, every Sunday we will be giving up electronics all day. That’s right – no TV, cell phones, tablets, game consoles, computers, etc. I’ve noticed we have strayed away from enjoying each other’s company on the weekends.┬áDo any of you practice Lent? I’m always curious to see what other people are sacrificing this time of year. Or what are you giving back too? We’ve still got to narrow that one down.

Anyway – here is this week’s menu plan. Check out some others here and stop by the host site,!


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