Meal Plan 12/01/14 & Motivational Monday

Is it really December today?? Yes, I guess it is! Boy has this year flown by!!! December is one of my favorite months – I love celebrating Christmas and our Lord’s birth. It is becoming even more fun now that my children are getting old enough to understand.

Because of that, I have a lot of fun things planned for us this holiday season. First, we started the “Elf on the Shelf” chaos this year. Sully (the elf) actually arrived yesterday and this morning he was found trying to clean the kids’ sink with their toothbrushes.. husband’s idea. I love tradition and I think this elf business is pretty cute. However, I wanted to add a little more of a religious touch to the story. We are hoping to use the elf to help us remember Jesus more this year. In addition, we will be continuing our tradition of the “12 Days of Giving” and the “12 Days of Family Time”. Last year, we did the “12 Days of Books” and while I loved that, we have a ridiculous amount of books now. I loved reading them with the kids and they loved opening it. Instead, this year we will be doing family time. That includes, books, games, movies, picnics, cookies, crafts, etc. For those 12 days, I’ll post our activities for the day to help give you ideas. The kids really love it and so do we; I think it is a great tradition to start with your family to help show giving and spending more quality time together.

Today’s motivation comes from my priest’s sermon this past weekend. He was discussing the start of Advent. He told us while he loved Advent as it helps us prepare for Christmas; he also loves it because there is no Gloria said during mass. Of course this was amusing and also surprising but he explained that sometimes priests are lazy, priests are selfish and priests are sinners – just like all of us. He said “We are not perfect; but God loves us anyway.” I really loved this… it was simple, yet helps show us that God knows we are sinners, no matter what our title is, but he forgives us. So this week, remember that you are not perfect but you are loved anyway.

After a busy Thanksgiving week, I’m giving you a meal plan full of easy dishes since you might be tired of cooking :). Check out other meal plans over at Org Junkie.

Have a great week!


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