Meal Plan 09/28/15

Happy Monday friends –

I had such a WONDERFUL weekend and hope you did as well! I was able to attend the Kansas City Gluten & Allergen Free Wellness Event on Sunday as a blogger and as a vendor selling my FIRST book, Real Food Dinners for Two: Healthy Paleo Recipes at Home! I met a lot of great people and got to interact with several vendors I was not familiar with. Plus, the event was so well organized – which made my first official expo as a vendor MUCH easier! If you ever get to attend one of the GFAF Wellness Events, I suggest you do so! Here’s their Facebook page. I will be posting a full review of the event in the next couple of days!


I’m often asked why I blog… and honestly, there are several reasons but it all comes down to one. Purpose. I spent YEARS looking for a purpose. I received a GREAT education and had a job I loved. However, I never felt like I was doing anything to contribute to a good cause. Sure, I was an accountant at a Top 100 construction company in the US. I helped the company a lot and enjoyed it. But I wasn’t fulfilling the purpose I was searching for in my heart. Then.. my health took a drastic down turn unexpectedly. After years of testing, Celiac disease was finally dumped in my lap (plus some other issues and some problems I’m still waiting to be fully addressed). I started this blog as an outlet – not expecting anyone to see it (small town USA). I’ll never forget that first comment I rec’d from a mother who loved one of these meal plans for her allergic daughter. It was reading that comment that I decided if I was going to have Celiac, I was going to use it to help others. And that’s my goal with this blog. I am FULLY aware that I will not make a livable income off of this. I will likely not sell enough books to show a profit. I don’t do it for money or book sales or number of followers. I do it to help you. I do it to help that mom; to help that college student; to help that newly diagnosed person; to help that start up company get some new business; to help share quality recipes, food options and meal plans to those who need it. If you EVER have a comment, question, suggestion or just want to share your story, I’m SO happy to hear it, help or take your criticism and use it to make myself a better person and hopefully others. We all need positivity, hope and encouragement – and I hope to provide you that in some way.

Now that all that has been typed up for you (sorry for the tangent!) 🙂 Here’s this week’s meal plan and recipe links! Stay happy, healthy and have a great week! Be sure to check out some others over at Org Junkie.


Sweet Potato Hash
Southwest Quesadillas
Bison Burgers with Slaw
Simple Summer Salad
Chicken Enchilada Soup
Sunrise Berry Muffins
Smoky Pumpkin Seeds
Flavors of Fall Parfait
Veggie Sprout Sandwich
Loaded Nachos
Salted Caramel Brownie

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