Meal Plan 09/28/14-10/4/14 & Motivational Monday

Happy Monday Readers!

I hope you all had a great weekend and are enjoying the fall weather! I know we are! Yesterday I finally got out our fall/winter clothes to wash in preparation of cooler weather. If you are looking for great ways to organize your out of season clothing, decorations, etc – I encourage you to check out Org Junkie for lots of great tips. That is also the host site for this and many other meal plans! Check the meal plans out here.

Today’s motivation comes from a newly found source. During my health struggles, I turned to my faith for answers. I started reading the “good book” more and searching for other religious resources. I came upon a station on my Sirius radio. It is the EWTN network (aka Catholic Radio). I’ve never been one for religious radio stations or talk shows at all but I decided – why not? The segment that was on was called “Morning’s with Mother” and it featured this sweet elderly nun. For the 40 minutes or so that I caught of her show, I was completely enthralled. It was her wisdom and sincere discussions that captured me. Now, I try to catch it most days – it’s on at 9 am on weekdays (on Sirius anyway).

Today, I needed to hear what she had to say. She was talking about purgatory and God’s will/love. Long story short – she told a few stories about trying to understand God’s will and purgatory. In this, she explained that God’s will is also God’s love for us. Our trials and tribulations may seem so painful and dark but she suggested that we remember His pains and sufferings He endured for us. It is in those sufferings and how we choose to respond to them, that lay the path for our future after our death. I’m not here to start arguments about faith, but I do hope do provide a little insight to help those who need it. Today, I thought that what if my sufferings now were just a part of my “purgatory” on Earth and that if I kept faith and kept fighting, that my heaven would be that much closer? Regardless, I leave you with this reflection for the week…”If it is happening, it is God’s will. Nothing happens to us that He has not seen beforehand, pondered the good we would derive and put upon it His stamp of approval.”

Have a lovely and positive week! 🙂

meal planner1 (1)-8

Cilantro Lime Chicken with Cauli-Rice

Black Bean Salsa

Stuffed Peppers

Chia-Hemp Cereal

Immunity Smoothie

Maple Cinnamon Rolls


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