Meal Plan 08/15/16

It’s  back-to-school week in our area and I’m (oddly) excited to get back into a good routine for meals, homework, laundry, etc. Seriously, we’ve slacked off this summer and have just been ‘going with the flow’… which translates into craziness. I like structure…. and meal plans. So let’s get back into that routine!

School lunches at our house are very simple. My kids love something they can eat fast, yet feature their favorite foods. For my son, that’s turkey and apples. My daughter loves PB&J and bananas. Bell peppers are usually a daily requirement. However, I like to change up their meals while still giving them what they want and NEED. They love to help and that’s how we do it: I give them options, they choose.

This year, we are switching schools. Now that the home build is complete and we’ve moved in… we are adjusting to our new location and home. The kids will start attending a private Catholic school instead of a public school. There is a lot of nervousness and anxiety (for us all) so we are trying to make things easy and fun. That being said…. little man got to choose every meal/snack for Wednesday – the first day of school. Top of the list was my (in)famous Baked Donuts – a bakery favorite, PB & J for lunch and his favorite: mac & cheese for dinner.

Looking for some snack options for school? Here’s a list of some easy snack options to prepare for the week. Now, here’s the meal plan and recipe links for this week…


Honey Mustard Chicken
Nested Eggs
French Toast
Egg Sandwich
Blackberry Cobbler
Loaded Nachos


*Enjoy your week! If you want some more meal plans or organizing ideas, check out Org Junkie!*

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