Meal Plan 07/25/16

Hello all!

Hope you are staying cool in this heat! We actually enjoyed a perfect weekend outside – at a waterpark 🙂 My husband got some tickets and we decided to go on Friday. I’ve only been to a waterpark twice (and I was little) so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was surprisingly relaxing and fun! We were all seriously exhausted and ended up staying in at the hotel Friday night watching the KC Royals grab a win! Saturday, we enjoyed the The City Market in KC and of course, Cabela’s.

Side note: husband and son ALWAYS want to go to Cabela’s. Yes, we (I mean they) love hunting and fishing… that sort of thing. It interests me and bores me at the same time. However, this year, I may try to get more involved. Keep in mind, they do not hunt for fun – they have fun, but we process whatever is killed. I do not tolerate very many meats or proteins well, but venison is one that I can eat without suffering much. Therefore, I’ve been forced to grow to like it! Anyway – my husband did not get anything at his favorite store but I did. Yes… I snagged this HUGE dehydrator at a major markdown! Preserving summer’s produce is a big deal at our house – minimal waste! We can, freeze and dehydrate. In fact, I’ve already used the new one: bananas, apples, oranges and zucchini chips! Recipes soon!!! Since I’ll be using this often… what’s your favorite dehydrator recipe??

Now, back to the item at hand : the meal plan for the week! Here’s a few recipe links as well! Check out more menus and great posts from Org Junkie.


Breakfast Sandwich
 Slowcooker Stew
Fish Sticks
Grilled Pizza
Cherry Berry Smoothie
Peach Cobbler


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