Meal Plan 07/13/15

Hello Hello!

Hope you had a great weekend! Last week’s weather in Kansas was…well… like weather in Kansas – crazy. I’m not kidding – Tuesday, we went to the library and it was 65F at 10am. It rained the next few days straight… in JULY (practically unheard of). Yesterday, it was a HOT 95F. One day I’m wearing a hoodie – the next, a swimsuit. Crazy.

We had my (not so) little man’s birthday party on Saturday… it was Wild Kratt themed. Don’t know about Wild Kratts? It’s the cutest little animal program on PBS Network. We LOVE it. I’ll post some party details later this week.

Right now is the easiest time of year for us to stay on track with clean-eating. Our garden is loaded with fresh produce and so are the local farmer’s markets. Right now is when we save the most on our grocery expenses. If you are like us, you have zucchini and jalapeno peppers coming out of your ears. I plan on a lot of preserving this week! Would you like some tips and tricks for preserving and salvaging your summer haul?? I’ve got a few I can share if you’d like!

Here’s the meal plan and recipe links for this week! Enjoy and head over to Org Junkie for more plans and other great tips!


Turkey Burgers
Roasted Chicken
Veggie & Sprout Sandwich
Sunny Breakfast Skillet
Sesame Almond Stir Fry
Stuffed Chicken
Micro Green Burgers
Southwest Quesadillas
Maple Donuts



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