Meal Plan 07/06/14-07/12/14

Happy Monday All!

I hope you had a safe and fun weekend! Ours was pretty good. The kids were not HUGE fans of the fireworks (especially little miss) but we still had a good time. We spent a lot of time working on the new yard – exhausting!

In other news, I will be a basket case this week. My son will be turning 6 years old on Tuesday. Not only will he be turning 6, but in a month he will be starting school! The way his birthday falls, he was not eligible for preschool last year but we went ahead with screenings in case he was ready to start at age 5. Academically, he was more than ready – far exceeded our expectations there. However, socially he was not quite as advanced. We decided to wait until he was 6 to see if his “shyness” improved and it did. We put him in sports and church activities and he did much better! Anyway – he says he’s ready for school… I am not. On Tuesday, he will be another year older and I’m not ready for this! I’ll spare you the sobby reflections of his childhood and just leave you with – “why can’t they stay babies forever?!” Enjoy those early years my friends, they pass all too quickly. I guess I can hope that littleĀ princess will stay a baby! Although she acts as if she’s almost 2 going on 20….

Since school will be starting soon, I am in full planning/organizing mode. I want this transition to be as easy as possible for all of us. That means even more menu/food planning, house organizing, time management, etc. I’m all ears (or eyes) for ideas. I imagine I’ll find some at This site has TONS of organizing tips and is also the host site to this menu plan (among many others found here). Check them out!

In the meantime – keep us in your thoughts and I’ll keep you in mind. We all have many struggles – some of which may seem silly (like mine but others that are more serious. No matter the level of severity, everyone could use and extra thought or prayer!

Here’s this week’s menu plan!


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