Meal Plan 05/11/15

Oh Monday… let’s try to be friends today 🙂

I hope you all had a great weekend – especially you mother’s out there. I unfortunately had quite a little health setback this weekend so my Mother’s day was spent resting and eating lots of pureed, liquid foods. I imagine that’s how the rest of my week will go! I can’t say it was all bad though – my hubby and kids made sure my day was special!

I’m not sure if you know this BUT May is Celiac and Food Allergy Awareness month! Since food allergies are my life now, I’m so excited to help spread the word about valuable resources, great companies, etc. Today, I’ll be posting my take on how to deal with Celiac doubters and explaining it to those who don’t understand – which can prove to be quite difficult!

You know what isn’t difficult? Justifying getting a great Paleo ebook bundle! I posted a few days ago about the Primal Life Kit Bundle featuring over 55 ebooks, 25+ discounts + more! I bought it and love it so far. Heck, the discounts alone are a sweet deal! Checkout my review post here.

Here’s the meal plan and recipe links for this week! Enjoy and head over to Org Junkie for more plans and other great tips!


Turkey Burgers
Roasted Chicken
Veggie & Sprout Sandwich
Sunny Breakfast Skillet
Sesame Almond Stir Fry
Stuffed Chicken
Micro Green Burgers
Southwest Quesadillas
Maple Donuts



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