Meal Plan 04/06/15

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I hope you all had a glorious and blessed Easter! I’ll be honest – ours was great but could’ve been better! On Thursday, I started getting what I thought was allergies but turned into a vicious sore throat, fever and sinus infection for days. We also had our first bout of severe Spring weather – 5 small tornadoes in our area! Not much damage and no injuries – thank God! But it did make for a scary, sleepless Thursday night. With my sickness, I haven’t slept well since so Easter was a little groggy. I had already planned to have all our family at our  house for lunch after Mass. It turned out wonderful – everyone had a great time, enjoyed great food and company. The weather wasn’t great but no one seemed to mind! I love being able to spend time with both of our families together – especially at our house where I can control my food environment.

My children had a great Easter. We try not to emphasis gifts much for Easter. I LOVE giving gifts to anyone at anytime so I always do more than I should but I love it anyway. I did include a few “typically taboo” candies – jelly beans and chocolate eggs. Much to my surprise, my son didn’t eat too much. My daughter on the other hand, hoarded candy behind my back and ended up in a toddler sugar coma – she was less than pleasant but hopefully learned her lesson.

For Lent, my husband and I embarked on a Whole30 program. His was more modified but mine was strict. I am pleasantly surprised to say that I loved it and it really worked. I had purchased a few of my favorite Paleo friendly chocolate bars for my Easter treat and couldn’t hardly eat them. I’ll be posting a review of the program soon and can’t wait to start the next one.

In other news, I have  sale for you today. For just a couple more hours, you can enjoy a 15% discount (and free shipping) on orders from Kasandrinos! Use code easter15 at checkout.  I’ve just recently become aware of this company but here’s what I know. They are passionate about their products and origins and they provide great, quality, extra virgin olive oil – straight from Greece! If you want a clean, natural, authentic olive oil – Kasanadrinos has it. They’ve also got other products available also – seasonings, soaps, vinegars, lip balms, etc. Check them out here.
kasandrinos organic extra virgin greek olive oil
Here’s the meal plan for this week with recipe links below:

Apple Cinnamon Scones
Roasted Chicken
Balsamic Carrots
Fish & Chips
Aloha No Grola
Chicken Salad
Micro Green Burger
Cabbage & Brat Skillet
BLT Lettuce Wrap
Lasagna Rolls
Fennel & Sprout Sweet Potato
Rosemary Chicken Burger
Have a wonderful week!!! Also – check out other meal plans over at Org Junkie.

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