Meal Plan 03/28/16

Holy Moly…
Are you in an Easter candy coma like everyone in our house?? Whew… I think the haul was bigger than Halloween….One thing we learned over the holiday was that my 3 YO daughter is an egg hunting master. Her poor brother (7 YO) is completely oblivious… like his momma. That girl annihilated the egg hunting competition, resulting in BAGS of candy. Looks like we’ll be making a stop to the homeless shelter to donate some of her goodies. That brings me to a point….

I’m often asked, “So you guys eat healthy… so your kids don’t get to eat candy??” I sort of makes me feel like I’m some terribly restrictive crazy mom that only lets her kids eat celery or something. Here’s the thing: we have a candy bowl and it’s always full (thanks to extremely ‘loving’ grandparents). I am running a bakery: there’s always sweets around. We all have our ‘vices’ and we get to indulge a little on occasion. During holidays, I’m a little lax on it – my son has had  piece of candy on a daily basis for about a week. The Easter bunny bought me baskets FULL of chocolate – which I will put in the freezer and each a couple pieces at a time. If I’ve learned anything during the last few years of adapting a new Paleo lifestyle – it’s that you can develop a very unhealthy aversion to food if you restrict it too much. I’m a full believer in the Paleo diet and eating clean, natural and wholesome foods. I also understand the emotional attachment of eating certain foods. I think if you can eat those ‘vice’ foods in moderation and make HEALTHIER choices, it’s okay to snack a bit on some candy. BUT makes sure you are still eating those clean, wholesome foods! With that being said, here’s a few of my FAVORITE ‘healthier’ candy brands:

Pure7 Chocolate: I LOVE their Raspberry Bar! Sweetened only with honey!
Taza Chocolate: Stone ground with simple ingredients give these bars the perfect texture!
Eating Evolved Chocolate: Primal chocolate and they have coconut butter cups – enough said!
Surf Sweets Candy: jelly beans, gummy worms, etc – organic and colored with fruit/veggie juice!
Yum Earth Candies: jelly beans, lollipops, fruit snacks, candy disks, etc – very good!
Simple Squares: nutrition bars that taste like candy – paleo friendly!
Enjoy Life foods: a HUGE variety of allergy-free foods – free of the Top 8 Allergens!
There’s SO many out there – if you are looking for a particular treat, let me know and I’ll see if I’ve run across a healthier version!
In the mean time, enjoy this week’s meal plan! Lots of veggies and greens for us this week – to counteract all that Easter candy of course 😉


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