Meal Plan 03/02/15 & Motivation

Good Morning friends!

Is it really March already?? Wow, this year is already flying by! I’ll be honest, I’m over all the cold weather so I’m anxiously awaiting Spring. We got our second big snow storm this weekend and the children (and I) are going a little stir crazy….

Starting in March, I wanted to bring to you some product reviews. I think I’m going to have a “Product of the Week” post each Monday to turn you on to a new, quality product that I think you will love! I make it a point to try products that interest me or that I believe send the right nutritional message to customers. For example, I’ve got a few chocolate brands I love, online stores, books/resources, etc. As consumers, I think we are always looking for great, quality products for ourselves and our families. If I happen to run across something, I feel it is my duty to share it with you! So today, will be the first day – watch for a post later OR sign up for my emails and you won’t miss anything!

Here is this week’s meal plan with recipe links below. Also, be sure to check out Org Junkie for more meal plans and organizing tips!

Veggie Egg Muffin
Veggie Spring Rolls
Turkey Chili
Blueberry Smoothie
Broiled Grapefruit
Sprout Fennel Skillet
Caldo de Pollo
Superfruit Overnight Noats
Nested Eggs
Roasted Lemon Rosemary Chicken
Strawberry Cacao Smoothie
Carrot Soup
Loaded Nachos

2 thoughts on “Meal Plan 03/02/15 & Motivation

  1. Jan says:

    Yup, I know all those outside of Florida are over the winter stuff 😉 living in south Florida I’d like a little cooler weather, but heck, I moved here from the midwest for that reason, alone! … great looking menu, hopped over from Menu Plan Monday!

    • crstultz says:

      Thanks for stopping by Jan! I envy a little Florida weather right now! What’s that saying.. something like “If you don’t like the weather in Kansas, wait until tomorrow.” It’s sort of fitting lately 🙂

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