Meal Plan Week of 02/09/14-02/15/14

Good Monday Morning all!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Ours was pretty good. My godson was baptized yesterday so that was wonderful! Saturday we took the kids to the arcade. It was “stir crazy Saturday”. We’ve been stuck at home with all the snow and we were tired of it! They played for over an hour on $20 worth of allowance money. Totally worth it! My suggestion is to go to the arcade as SOON as it opens as there are not too many kids there yet!

Anyway – I’ve noticed we are getting a little unorganized in our busy schedules again. This week I hope to take some time to start some better routines – especially in the mornings! If any of them seem important,  I will be sure to send your way! In the meantime – check out some other organizing tips at Also check on some other meal plans here!

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