Meal Plan 02/08/16

Hello all!

What a special week it is?! Lent begins! I always look forward to the Lenten season as it helps put things into perspective for me and helps me really pay attention to how we live our lives. It’s more than just giving up meat, fasting and sacrificing a favorite food. It’s a great period of reflection. Much to my surprise, my sweet son is very excited to participate. We’ve been discussing it at home and religion classes. He’s decided to say a special prayer for someone different each night and also give up his FAVORITE game – Skylanders. My 3YO daughter wants to sacrifice the dog…. she doesn’t quite get it 🙂

As for how this relates to today’s meal plan, it will begin the next few weeks of plans that reflect the abstaining from meat on Friday’s. I’ll also be posting a few Lent meal options tomorrow – stay tuned! Enjoy your week!!


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2 thoughts on “Meal Plan 02/08/16

  1. Laura says:

    I like the way you organize your menus on the spreadsheet! I tend to post my “plans” retroactively because I work from a vague formula rather than a set plan, which works for me, but I do love to see things neat and tidy in a table. 🙂 The butternut sage soup sounds especially yummy.

    • crstultz says:

      Thanks Laura! I have this weird obsession with Excel – it runs my whole life 🙂 There are some weeks in which I have the tidy plan printed and on the fridge and we like to say “life” happens. I mainly try to use it to effectively use what foods we have on hand or are on sale (in our area). We try to be flexible – you have to right?

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