Meal Plan 01/25/16

Hello friends –

I know many of you are dealing with #snotopia so I hope you are staying safe! No snow here really – I think we are less than 1″ all winter. Thankfully, it’s also warming up a bit here – highs near 50! We need that – especially for home building! 🙂 With that being said, we’ve been extremely busy this weekend! Lots of outside time, looking at flooring, vanities, etc. I was unprepared for the number of decisions that need to be made when building a home/bakery….

Here’s the meal plan for the week plus recipe links. There’s just a couple of weeks left until Valentine’s Day. In addition, Lent beings on Feb. 10 so be on the lookout for recipes related to those days! For some other great meal plans, check out Org Junkie!

BLT Wrap
Spaghetti & Meatballs
Hawaiian Chicken
Hot Cocoa
Blueberry Scones
Kansas Rolls
Taco Salad

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