Meal Plan 01/18/15 & Motivation

Whew – that weekend went by quick! In my neck of the woods
(does that sound hillbilly?), the weather was AMAZING! I’m talking last week it was below freezing and Saturday and Sunday was in the upper 50s & 60s!! In January! LOVED it. Unfortunately, I have had a bad run of luck with my food reintroduction – back to square 1 for me. Patience….. My poor husband also worked his tail off. He has worked for the same construction company for over 10 years – started in the summers during high school. He loves what he does and in turn, prefers to do his own personal construction at home – remodel projects, fixes, etc. We are putting in a new heating system and he’s been busy getting it prepped. Needless to say it was the perfect weather for him working outside and me resting in the sun – getting quality vitamin D. The kids were enjoying it so much, I don’t even remember hearing a peep out of them! I hope your weekend was just as nice!

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For this week’s motivation, I’m sticking with patience. We all need it at times so enjoy this quote by Joyce Meyer. “Patience is not the ability to wait but how you act while waiting.”

Here’s this week’s meal plan with links to recipes below! Enjoy your week!


Monkey Pancakes – egg free, paleo, kid favorite
Beef Stew – slow cooker, gluten free
Loaded Leek Soup– can be vegan, gluten free, dairy free
Bruschetta Turkey Burgers– paleo
Honey Mustard Broccoli Rice Casserole-dairy free, grain free, gluten free
Polenta with Avocado Cream – dairy free, gluten free
Chicken Parmesan-gluten free, egg free
Strawberry French Toast-gluten free, kid favorite
Chia Hemp Cereal-grain free, gluten free, dairy free, paleo
Black Bean Salsa– gluten free
BLT Wraps– paleo, gluten free
Creamy Pesto Chicken– dairy free, gluten free
Paleo Potato Salad – paleo, dairy free, gluten free
Butternut Sage Soup – dairy free, gluten free, grain free

*Be sure to check out Org Junkie for more great meal plans & other amazing tips!!*

2 thoughts on “Meal Plan 01/18/15 & Motivation

  1. Cinella says:

    wow… this is very detailed. I have never planned a whole week like this. It’s amazing. We’re MPM sisters this week, so thought I’d check it out. I see paleo and gluten free…. does gluten free go hand in hand with paleo? I’ve been wanting to try paleo and i have some gluten free items on clearance, just to try them out.
    Cinella @ TMB
    visiting from MPM linky

    • crstultz says:

      Thanks for stopping by Cinella! Gluten free and Paleo can go hand in hand. All paleo foods are gluten free but not all gluten free foods are paleo. The key points in going gluten free are avoiding wheat, barley and rye products/by products. For Paleo, it is much more involved. A paleo diet avoids all grains (and in turn gluten), dairy, refined sugars and artificial sweeteners. It emphasizes eating quality meats (grass-fed, pastured, wild) and lots of vegetables. Personally, I started out following a gluten free diet (found out I was severely sensitive). However, after eliminating other sensitivities such as grains and dairy, I felt much better. So I follow a strict Paleo diet. Overall, anytime you can include more whole, clean, natural foods, I call it a win! Good luck in your journey!

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