Meal Plan 01/04/15-01/10/15 & Motivational Monday

Happy New Year!!!

This is the first meal plan of 2015! As you can see, it’s geared toward healthier recipes. Many people adopt new year’s resolutions to eat healthier, exercise more, spend less, etc. My goal is to incorporate all of these things into my blog – not only for you, but also for me! I don’t necessarily believe in New Year’s resolutions. Why? Because I believe MORE in lifestyle changes for the better. For example, I like to think I eat pretty healthy. However, over the last year, I’ve learned that I rely heavily on sugary foods (even all natural sugars). Therefore, I’m eliminating them (part of this is doctor’s orders for healthier gut function). In addition, I’m going to exercise more – at least 35-45 minutes per day 6 times per week. We are also on a spending freeze – going from two substantial incomes to one is likely to cause some stress so we are adjusting. I don’t consider these resolutions – these are necessary changes, not whims. Call your new year plan what you want – just believe in it, stick to it and you’ll be successful! Best of luck to you all in your endeavors this year!

Here’s your motivation for today: “The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.” – Vince Lombardi. Side note – I had to do a research project in college over Vince Lombardi and I learned ALOT about success, failure and obviously football. If you are curious, read When Pride Still Mattered by David Maraniss.

Enjoy your week! Also – check out other meal plans at Org Junkie!



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    • crstultz says:

      Of course – many of the recipes I feature have very little added sugars. If sugars are added, they are typically low glycemic sugars (such as coconut sugar or agave). Most of the dinner ideas are heavy in vegetables. If you are concerned with too much sugar at breakfast or snack, you could substitute some of the sweeter fruits such as bananas or raisins, with lower sugar fruits such as grapefruits, berries or citrus fruits. Replace those in snacks also. If you are curious about a particular meal option in the plan, let me know and I can give you a more diabetic friendly option!

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