Meal Plan 01/01/17


Hope you all had a safe, enjoyable NYE and best wishes for a healthy, blessed 2017!

What better way to start off the year with a little organization??

Quick story – before the bakery got started in 2016, I was a dedicated meal planner – every week, each meal and snack. It wasn’t really difficult and I thought “yeah, I guess it helps.” Well, then I got busy starting the business and ‘fell off the meal planning wagon’. One of my ‘goals’ for this year, is to stay organized – with kids, family, school events, home life AND running a business.. I MUST get a better grip on things. One of the first things I decided to bring back was our meal plans.

By planning out our meals weekly, it helps us (and I really mean me) stay on track with our budgeting, food expenses and healthy eating habits. Our food is our biggest expense – we all know that ‘real foods’ tend to cost more than all that processed stuff. However, the trade-off for better health is SO worth it. This is my main reason for meal planning. Not only does it help me,but it also helps my kids and husband who can just glance at the meal plan and know what we are having – or how they can help fix it if I am busy. It’s pretty much a win-win-win!

SOOO for 2017 – I am going to do my best to share a weekly meal plan on Saturday for the upcoming week. Why Saturday? If you do your grocery shopping on the weekend (like so many do), you can have an idea of what you are needing to buy for (hint: make a list and STICK TO IT!). Plus, you can do any meal prepping you want over the weekend before the busy week starts. Each week, I’ll share our menu – if you want to make your own and want to use my template just send me an email and I’ll send it over to you! I’ll also share a few recipes with the meal plans.

With that being said – here is the first meal plan of 2017! Have a wonderful week!

Turkey Meatloaf

Asparagus Hash

Veggie Egg Cups

Chicken Strips

Turkey Chili

Banana Oat Pancakes

The Weekly Tip-

We print our meal plans and stick it on the fridge. You can also use sticky notes, marker boards, etc. Once we figure out the meals for the week, We make a shopping list of what we need for each meal. You can even store items in your pantry or fridge by what day you are having that meal: plastic bins can be labeled by day and those items stuck in the bins. I’m not quite that organized yet… maybe one day 🙂

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