January 2014 Workout Plan

As promised – below is the workout plan I’ve put together. Since today is New Year’s Day – it’s a rest day. I didn’t go to any crazy parties last night (unless you call snuggling with my babes watching cartoons crazy!) but it is a holiday and I wanted to relax. We’ll start strong tomorrow! If you’ll notice, it’s nothing crazy, just some simple, quick exercising 5 times a week. My goal is at least 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week with 2 days of rest. Wednesdays are my busy days so that’s why I added resting there and Sundays are my days to relax. If you have other days you want to swap, fine. My main focus this month is core and legs. That’s why two days out of the week I am simply focusing on ab and leg workouts. In addition, these days have a little extra time designated for whatever else you want. I may bike some or yoga or more crunches. I also added days for yoga as it is supposedly a stress reducing technique. I’ve tried it before and loved it. It was my go-to workout after having my kids. I had two c-sections and my stomach was destroyed. The light, easy moves that yoga provided helped strengthen my muscles slowly during those first few weeks after baby. I highly recommend it for that reason. There are so many different yoga classes available online, through podcast, etc. I actually found one that I really like and have been viewing it since my son was born 5 years ago. It is called Yogamazing and I really like the instructor, Chaz. I’ve been viewing his podcast (available on iTunes). He also has videos and unlimited streaming available (find out more at www.yogamazing.com). He offers a variety of sessions (long and short) ranging in experience level. I am by no means an experienced yoga person but I do his more advanced sessions, just as my flexibility and strength allow. I’m not big on in person fitness classes – mainly because I look like a goof. I run goofy, job goofy, ride my bike goofy, all the above! I’m much more comfortable in my own home so I watch the Yoga videos from my living room on my own mat. The only people who get to see that is my family and possibly my neighbors (sorry to them!). I also have a stationary bike for the days I’ve designated as bike days. When it warms up, these will turn into outside bike rides. This plan is just a guideline of what my goals are. Some days I may end up doing more than that day requires or less if I’m having a bad day. It’s flexible, the purpose is just to get that daily exercising in to help feel good about yourself and be healthy! 

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